Location and short description

The ›Cavardiras hut‹ is located a little east of the ›Fuorcla da Cavardiras‹ on top of a huge rock-formation at 2649 meters above sealevel. Surrounded by a gorgeous high-altitude landscape, far away from precipitance and noise it is a starting-point for hikes, walks and climbs in a perfect, undisturbed mountain-world.

Eastwards where the sun rises behind ›Piz Cavestrau‹ soars the impressive ›Tödi westwall‹. Westwards stretches the ›Brunnifirn‹, a high-alpine glacier. At its end stands the ›Oberalpstock‹, the highest peak in the surrounding with an altitude of 3327m.

Ibexes, chamoises, eagles, ptarmigans, marmots, foxes and many other animals plus abundant little flowers indicate the fascinating biodiversity of this high-altitude region.

Various walking-, hiking- and climbing-tours make this hut an ideal base for a multi-day stay or for a training.