The ›Camona da Cavardiras‹ will not be manned until July 2018 but you can sleep over at the hut anyhow. Most of the rooms are locked but the main door is always open and you can stay in the cosy winter-room that offers place for about 15 persons. It is equipped with a stove and you will find wood for cooking and heating. Basic cookware and crockery as well as drinks for self-service are available. The large dormitory on the first floor is always open as well and offers 30 beds.

Please note: The hut doesn’t have running water during the winter season but you can make enough water by melting snow from outside. As it can be extremely cold in the hut during the winter months and as the dormitory cannot be heated you are kindly advised to bring enough warm and dry clothes with you.

Don’t forget to register in the hut’s registration-book and to pay either by pay-in slip or cash into the hut’s cashbox. Please respect the elementary rules of hospitality and leave the hut clean and tidy. Use precious ressources in a sparing way, especially wood for heating.